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Fylde Carpet Doctor

The Cleaning System

So, Which is the Best?

We think it is easy to see. The one that has cleaned the carpet in one simple pass. That is the machine we use.

The machine works three ways. Vibration, Injection and Suction.

The super fast vibrating brushes get really deep into the carpet pile.

The powerful detergent injection system, blasts high activity detergent deep into the pile, breaking down dirt.

The vacuum constantly pulls the dirt and excess detergent back into the machine leaving your carpet clean and almost dry.

Pet and Child Safe!

Carpet Cleaning can be a dangerous job for kids and pets. Not with this system though.

The detergent has been extensively tested to ensure no harm come to children or pets.

There are no harmful vapours and the completed job leaves a clean, fresh smelling carpet eliminating all nasty odours.

Most pet stains are removed with a single pass and because the system reaches the core of the carpet odours stand little chance.